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Off The Grid: Seeking The Truth Part II

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Morals: An Off The Grid Series | Teaser Trailer #1

Off The Grid Collection – 22s

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  • Off The Grid: Seeking The Truth Part II

    After the events from Off The Grid, Russell Wilson comes across a file about the Triple Division procedure that leads him to an unfamiliar area, searching for clues connected to Dillion Edwards.

    Cast: Eric Hunter, Jalal Jamal, Huberto Villarreal, Aaron Phillips, Alexis West, Justin Saxton and...

  • Off The Grid

    Four strangers wake up in a unfamiliar area. All four individuals are given cell phones that places them into a situation of crime, mystery and betrayal once they answer the call. They must follow the rules or find the truth on their own.

    Ahad Nawaz Thalho as Dillon Edward
    Holly Dacke ...

  • Off The Grid: Seeking The Truth Part I

    Russell comes across some files about Dillon Edwards and starts to investigate them. He tries to connect every piece he finds until he comes across a picture that gives him his first clue of finding the truth.