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Off The Grid: Seeking The Truth Part II

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  • Off The Grid: Seeking The Truth Part II

    After the events from Off The Grid, Russell Wilson comes across a file about the Triple Division procedure that leads him to an unfamiliar area, searching for clues connected to Dillion Edwards.

    Cast: Eric Hunter, Jalal Jamal, Huberto Villarreal, Aaron Phillips, Alexis West, Justin Saxton and...

  • Off The Grid: Seeking The Truth Part I

    Russell comes across some files about Dillon Edwards and starts to investigate them. He tries to connect every piece he finds until he comes across a picture that gives him his first clue of finding the truth.

  • Off The Grid: Division Port

    Following the events of Off The Grid, the area of division port is invaded by Maze Clark, seeking to find a clue of the past.