MCP Network | New Releases

MCP Network | New Releases

New releasing coming straight to MCP Network.

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MCP Network | New Releases
  • Filthy Featurette Season 1 (2018) | MCP Network Award Winning Original Series

  • Filthy - Sneak Peek Trailer | Returns September 28th

    MCP Network is returning with brand new episodes of the award winning series, 'Filthy' on September 28th.
    "After receiving a call from his ex, Bruce's situation is far from over, and will likely not end with a good chapter".

    The second half of the season will bring forth some new actors & act...

  • Filthy Prelude Season 1 Returns | Revelation Teaser

    Filthy returns this fall with brand new episodes that will bring jaw-dropping revelations. Bruce's situation is far from over, and will likely not end with a good chapter.

  • Morals: An Off The Grid Series | Teaser Trailer #1

  • MCP Network All Series and Short Films

    MCP Network | Watch Now. Roar Later.

    From Filthy to GoodTime Mondays to Off The Grid, MCP is bringing a new uproar with binge worthy mini series and short films.

    Welcome to MCP Network YouTube Channel!

    2018 started off with GoodTime Mondays season one, "A series of comedic skits that wil...

  • Filthy Prelude Trailer Spot | Watch Now

  • Filthy Prelude | S1, EP2: The Confession Story

    MCP Network Presents: A series about how much a rumor can make a person go dark. There is always a beginning to a story.

    Bruce prepares a pre-recorded podcast about his story, "V: Defintion of Fake Love", but also reminisces on every moment from the past with Veronica.

  • Filthy Prelude | S1, EP1: The Beginning

    Bruce decides to share the news with his friends about the release of the 6 part series to his story titled "V: Definition of Fake Love" on social media.

  • Filthy Series | Official Teaser

  • GoodTime Mondays S1, Ep5 | Truth or Dare

    In the season finale, a guy receives a text from an unknown number, wanting to play Truth or Dare. Ghost Hunter; Blackson, goes on a quest to find a ghost inside of a house. Bobby Frank gives his final remarks, reminding everyone to do something special if he was their trainer.

  • GoodTime Mondays S1, Ep4 | Son of a Purge

  • GoodTime Mondays S1, Ep3 | Bored With Yo Dusty

    Is water wet? Cliff and Tim have a little discussion that goes too far. A man finds someone else in his house after looking for his wife. Being placed on hold by a collector can never be what you think in the brand new episode of GoodTime Mondays.

  • GoodTime Mondays S1, Ep2 | No Apologizes

    Bobby Frank refuses to apologize for the truth, a ghost makes itself comfortable inside of a home, random screams and a dead body is found in the forest.

  • GoodTime Mondays S1, Ep1| What's The Wifi Password?

    Music artist; Bobby Frank makes his first appearance in an interview, Mike and Kelly can't seem to find their car keys, and phone conversations can always get a little too stretchy in the first episode of GoodTime Mondays.

  • GoodTime Mondays | We're Lit Teaser

  • GoodTime Mondays | New Series

    In the first teaser of 'GoodTime Mondays', two friends hear a noise made inside the house, but decides how important it could be.

  • Not That Girl | Short Film

    From Director Gregory Olusola Nicholas​ (The Shade, Deadly Games & When They Come) and writer Eric Hunter​ (Blackmere Harvest, Pie Man & TooDeep) brings a brand new short film, "Not That Girl".

    Starring Adaluz Castilla,​ Gregory Olusola Nicholas​, Venise Watson​ Antonio L Antonio L Vines​ Kehm...

  • Not That Girl | Short Film Trailer

  • Black Files Series Premiere | Case 1: The Flashback

    Lewis Black invites Dr. Mason into his home for help after losing his memory.

  • Dream Holders Short Film

    After years of struggle and loss trying to get their start up investment. Donny and Martin find themselves on two different paths in life. In this tense drama, we find these two friends seated across from one another, tension hanging in the air, both feeling like the other gave up on the them. Em...

  • Dream Holders Official Trailer

  • RUE - Sneak Peek | Retribution Reboot

    10 years after a devastating day of a massive school explosion that left over a hundred students dead, Derek Gibson revisits his hometown for a new case, but returning brings forth a shady continuation of his past life.

    Starring: Jason Elliot
    Written & Directed by: Malcolm Carter

  • Off The Grid: Seeking The Truth Part II

    After the events from Off The Grid, Russell Wilson comes across a file about the Triple Division procedure that leads him to an unfamiliar area, searching for clues connected to Dillion Edwards.

    Cast: Eric Hunter, Jalal Jamal, Huberto Villarreal, Aaron Phillips, Alexis West, Justin Saxton and...

  • Off The Grid: Seeking The Truth Part I

    Russell comes across some files about Dillon Edwards and starts to investigate them. He tries to connect every piece he finds until he comes across a picture that gives him his first clue of finding the truth.