GoodTime Mondays

GoodTime Mondays

5 Episodes

In the first season of GoodTime Mondays, we are introduced to the music artist Bobby Frank, who is very full of himself at times. Different situations where car keys are lost, the purge strikes and even finding a dead body in the forest, but how much laughter can come into play?
EP1 - What's The Wifi Password?
EP2 - No Apologizes with Jungle Fever Juice
EP3 - Bored With Yo Dusty Story
EP4 - Son of a Purge
EP5 - Truth or Dare or Paranormal

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GoodTime Mondays
  • GoodTime Mondays S1, Ep1| What's The Wifi Password?

    Episode 1

    Music artist; Bobby Frank makes his first appearance in an interview, Mike and Kelly can't seem to find their car keys, and phone conversations can always get a little too stretchy in the first episode of GoodTime Mondays.

  • GoodTime Mondays S1, Ep2 | No Apologizes

    Episode 2

    Bobby Frank refuses to apologize for the truth, a ghost makes itself comfortable inside of a home, random screams and a dead body is found in the forest.

  • GoodTime Mondays S1, Ep3 | Bored With Yo Dusty

    Episode 3

    Is water wet? Cliff and Tim have a little discussion that goes too far. A man finds someone else in his house after looking for his wife. Being placed on hold by a collector can never be what you think in the brand new episode of GoodTime Mondays.

  • GoodTime Mondays S1, Ep4 | Son of a Purge

    Episode 4

  • GoodTime Mondays S1, Ep5 | Truth or Dare

    Episode 5

    In the season finale, a guy receives a text from an unknown number, wanting to play Truth or Dare. Ghost Hunter; Blackson, goes on a quest to find a ghost inside of a house. Bobby Frank gives his final remarks, reminding everyone to do something special if he was their trainer.